Laurel’s Family Fun Day + Red Walk

Laurel is one of our many incredible Cure Kids fundraising superstars, who every year puts on a fundraiser for Red Nose Day called ‘Red Nose Family Fun Day’ that raises thousands of dollars for child health research. Laurel is also a special part of the Cure Kids family, as her son Riley is a Cure Kids ambassador, who lives with asthma.

We asked Laurel some questions about Family Fun Day, and her invaluable support of Cure Kids.

1. What is Family Fun Day?

“Red Nose Family Fun Day is a combination of fundraising efforts in the Manawatu to raise money & awareness for Cure Kids. The Family Fun Day in The Square is a family day out of activities and entertainment. The Red Walk is a 5km or 10km fun run/walk. We also hold sausage sizzles, Trade Me Auctions, sell Red Nose Family Fun Day T-shirts & help guide and organise Red Nose Days at local schools.”

2. How did you first get involved with Red Nose Day?

“I first became involved in Red Nose Day by turning our Clock Tower RED! I was inspired by Eva turning the Sky Tower RED so I thought why couldn’t Palmerston North do something similar! The following year, we did the same thing but also ran a street collection around The Square, and then the third year, Red Nose Family Fun Day was born!”

3. Why do you support Red Nose Day and Cure Kids?

“The work Cure Kids does is very close to my heart. As a family we’ve been through some traumatic years with our son’s health. I also have friends with children who live daily with chronic, painful and stressful health conditions and illnesses. I would love to do more, and help them all, but I can’t. What I can do though, is raise money and keep talking about the amazing work Cure Kids does, so they can keep researching for cures. One day, when I’m old, I can then say “I helped those kids”. I believe with a passion, the work Cure Kids does should be shouted about from the rooftops, everyone should know how vital funding child health research is!”

4. What do you have lined up this year for your event?

“This year, we are kick-starting Red Nose Day off on Friday 29 September at The Square in the morning with the addition of giant Red Noses being stuck onto our Clock Tower. That night the Clock Tower will turn RED and stay red for the whole night. Red Nose Family Fun Day in The Square is being held on Saturday 30 September from 11am-3pm. We have live entertainment, food, stalls, Bubbleball, Cable Price’s Little Digger, Facepainting…& loads of Red Noses! We are also having a street collection around The Square that day. On Sunday 1st October, we are holding the Red Walk which is a 5km & 10km fun run/walk along the Manawatu River Bridal Track – it’s very scenic and a lovely gentle walk or run for all ages. Its pushchair and wheelchair friendly so everyone can join in. Participants register online, and all registrations are a direct donation to Cure Kids.”

5. Why/how would you encourage others to get involved with Red Nose Day?

“I would definitely encourage others to get involved with Red Nose Day! Talk to your schools, local businesses, childcare centers, kindergartens and get them on board. It’s not hard to hold a sausage sizzle, dress up in red and buy noses! It’s also loads of fun! If you want to go bigger, talk to your local council, and see what the possibility is of holding a Family Fun Day in your local town! It takes some organisation, but it’s so worth it! The families and children you meet along the way makes it all so worthwhile! Get a group of like minded friends together and just go for it I say! There are so many opportunities to raise money for Cure Kids – bikeathons, walkathons, charity dinner, golf day, auctions….you just need to believe you can, and you are halfway there!”

Find out more about Laurel’s fundraiser here.