Fly My Sky

Why did you sign up to be part of Red Nose Day?

Fly My Sky is a family owned company. We wanted to support a charity which really helps sick children and their families. 

Why is funding child health research important to you?

Children are the future of New Zealand and the more we can do to improve their health and wellbeing, the better New Zealand’s future will be it will be for all of us.  

What are you doing to fundraise?

We have painted the nose on our aircraft red, to bring awareness about Red Nose Day, as well as promoting the fundraising events on our Facebook page and through friends/family.

What was your inspiration?

We love that Red Nose Day is a tangible way of giving back to the community and are proud to support them.

What would you say to others who are thinking about taking part in Red Nose Day?

Do it! The more people that support Red Nose Day, the more money we can all fundraise to help support child health research in New Zealand.