Coco and Jemima’s Shave for Red Nose Day

Coco and Jemima, two brave young women from Albany Junior High School, shaved their heads last Red Nose Day to raise more than $4500 for child health research. 
Their inspiration? To support one of their close friends who has been battling two brain tumours.
Cure Kids are so proud of these two girls. 

“Cure Kids have always been close to my heart and I have learnt so much about a lot of the ambassadors and have always admired their strength and courage in fighting their individual battles. I’ve always loved the idea and concept behind Cure Kids and I think it is such an effective way to help such an important issue.

Red Nose Day means a lot of different things to me. Ever since myself and my friend shaved our hair off that day, I will always remember it as such a nerve-racking yet exciting experience that I’ll never forget. It’s such an exciting day, you see so many people come together and help each other, its heart warming. I think it symbolises something very real and serious in such a beautiful way that brings everyone together to have fun.  

Shaving my hair off was the most exciting, scary and liberating experience of my life. Along the way, everyone would ask me if I was nervous when really I just couldn’t wait! There was such an exciting thrill to feeling it all fall away it’s honestly indescribable. It taught me a lot of things, both about fundraising money and marketing, to adjusting my idea of what “beauty” is. I often get asked, “Do you ever regret it?” and I have never ever looked back at it and thought god why did I do that? It really was the most fantastic fun and I recommend it to everyone, it’s such a wonderfully liberating experience. 

Our inspiration came from a couple of people. One of our good friends shaved all of her hair off in primary school to raise money and I always said to myself that one day I should do that. Our other inspiration was another friend of ours who has dealt with brain tumours a couple of times throughout her life and we wanted to help her in some way. So we decided that we wanted to give our money to someone who would be able to help with this kind of thing and we chose Cure Kids. 

Taking part in Red Nose Day is such an amazing experience! I would highly recommend it, it’s so rewarding. Even if you don’t shave your hair off! There are so many different ways to help out and it’s such a fabulous experience. 

My last note would be to say thank you so much to everyone that donated to us last year! And that it really was such a fantastic fun experience that I would do over and over again if I could. Big thanks to the Cure Kids team for all the help they gave us in our first fundraising endeavour.”