Getting your workplace involved in Red Nose Day is a great way to align your brand with one of New Zealand’s most iconic and loved fundraising appeals.

With numerous ways to support Cure Kids this Red Nose Day, there’s an option to suit any business. So, whether you choose to hold a fundraiser, donate a dollar for every product sold, or make a one-off corporate donation, we’d love your support. 

Some of the most popular fundraising ideas include:

  1. Dress in red – get the team to wear red to work in return for a donation.
  2. Get baking – ask the team to do some baking and then sell it off at morning tea.
  3. Challenge yourself – set a challenge for the team. It can be as simple as a swearing jar in the office, or as big as jumping off the Sky Tower if you reach your fundraising target.
  4. Get active – this is a great way to encourage physical wellbeing. Organise a lunch-time event like a yoga lesson or bootcamp. Everyone brings a donation to participate.
  5. Give up something – ditch the alcohol, the treats, or even the car for the month of July. Those who give in, pay up.


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