Need an idea for a fundraiser?

Here are some fantastic ideas to get you started!


Get Baking

Who doesn’t love yummy treats? Bake something at home to sell at school or work.


Dress In Red

Hold a red mufti day at school or work and encourage everyone to donate in support.


Get Active

Get moving. Host a walk, fun run, wheels day, or even a dance off! The entry fee is a donation to Red Nose Day.


Host An Event

Organise a range of fun activities like face-painting, discoes, talent quests. The entry fee is a donation to Red Nose Day.


Challenge Yourself

Set up a personal or workplace challenge - learn a skill or accomplish something new. Ask your peers to donate in support.


Give Up Something

Ditch the alcohol, the junk food or even the car for the month of July. If you break the challenge, the fine is a donation to Red Nose Day.


Raffle It Off

Raffle off a jar of jaffas, a hamper of red-themed goodies, or the best carpark at work!


Filter Challenge

Use our new Red Nose filter, donate, and share your pic online. Challenge friends to do the same.